Expect The Football World To Explode If The Patriots Sign Johnny Manziel

The internet and football world will explode if the New England Patriots pull the trigger on signing Johnny Manziel.

Manziel threw at Texas A&Ms pro day Tuesday, and looked outstanding. The Patriots interest in him quickly took the internet by storm.

Bringing in Johnny Manziel is a quintessentially #Patriots move, get someone elses first round pick and try to get more out of them than the other team ever could

— Chris Villani (@ChrisVillani44) March 28, 2018

“According to a source, the Patriots spoke with Manziel both before the workout, as well as after the session.” YES! YES! YES!

— Jim Murray (@bigjimmurray) March 27, 2018

Patriots spoke to Manziel before and after todays throwing session. Would be a classic Belichick move.

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) March 27, 2018

#Patriots scouts spent a lot of time with Manziel at #TAMU pro day

— Taylor Bisciotti (@TaylorBisciotti) March 28, 2018

Some already think its a done deal and Johnny Football will be on the depth chart for the Pats this upcoming season.

Breaking: @kirkmin thinks the Patriots are going to sign Johnny Manziel.

— Kirk & Callahan (@KirkAndCallahan) March 28, 2018

Look, Ive been saying for awhile that I think Manziel will be in the NFL this season. All the signs are there for me to think itll happen. He looks outstanding slinging the ball all over the field, and Im not sure Ive ever seen him in more impressive physical or mental condition.

I really hope it happens with the Patriots. Not because I like the Patriots. Im a Lions fan. It needs to happen because of how pissed off itll make the whole world. People will already be furious enough if he gets signed before Kaepernick. Add him being signed by Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and I fully expect the football world to melt down in the chaos.

It almost needs to happen just from a pure entertainment perspective. Its also a smart football move. They need a round loaded in the magazine and ready to go for whenever Brady decides to retire. Theres no guy in the 2018 NFL draft class that theyre going to get with their pick in the late first round. So, why not go get a Heisman winner? It makes almost too much sense. Again, I dont actually care about the football aspect one bit. I care more about watching the world burn with rage after Manziel doesnt just get back before Kaepernick, but he joins a coach with five Super Bowls.

Itll be so much fun that I cant wait. I might even have to go get myself a Manziel jersey. Crazier things have happened.

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