Love Islands Hayley Hughes reveals how mum protected her from abusive dad

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Love Islands Hayley Hughes reveals how mum protected her from abusive dad

Hayley Hughes opened up about her family history (Picture: ITV)

Love Island star Hayley Hughes has opened up about how her mum saved Nichola protected her from her abusive dad.

The 21-year-old reality star, who recently left the Love Island villa, revealed how her mum fled her relationship with Carl Wooding when Hayley was four-years-old to escape years of physical and emotional abuse.

Hayley believes because of her mums actions, shes been able to have a happy upbringing unaffected by her father.

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Hayley Hughes recently left Love Island (Picture: WENN)

Speaking to The Daily Star, Hayley said: I never called him dad, I havent had a relationship with him since I was four.

He was abusive physically and mentally. My mum did the right thing for me and saved me from it.

She kept me away from growing up with someone like that.

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According to the Liverpool Echo, Carl was jailed for running over his girlfriend in 2012, and also had previous convictions attacking another partner, threatening hospital staff and possessing cannabis.

Hayleys father died earlier this year aged 42, with the reality star finding out through her cousin and deciding not to attend the funeral.

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