Emmerdale spoilers: Emma Atkins teases downfall for DI Bails after Ryan Stocks return

DI Bails for dramatic downfall as Ryan returns to Emmerdale?
(Picture: ITV)

The catalyst for Charity Dingle tracking down her son Ryan Stocks in Emmerdale was to seek justice against evil rapist DI Bails, who groomed and abused her when she was 14. It was after being raped by Bails that Charity fell pregnant with Ryan, who she thought had died at birth.

Now that Charity has met up with Ryan, Charitys focus is tentatively building a relationship with him. But actress Emma Atkins has urged viewers not to rule out justice against Bails as the story will revisit that side of things soon.

She told Metro.co.uk: I think it cant go unnoticed now, it has to come to fruition of some kind and has to be dealt with. Obviously Charitys scared to seek justice because she doesnt know if she can against someone in a position of power such as Bails. You know its Charity vs the police force and hes worked for the police force for so long so its that element of “Will I be believed? Can I go through a massive court case? Ryan will have to be dragged right through the mire – is that something that will be on her conscience if it goes horribly wrong?”

DI Bails for dramatic downfall as Ryan returns to Emmerdale?
(Picture: ITV)

So I think shes just dealing with it now and I think from the moral aspect of it, she should follow it through because finally shes spoken out about something thats just so wrong. And again its highlighting how prevalent it is in society, people abusing their power in any way shape or form, not just sexual abuse. Again, its just exciting to be doing something of this nature.

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I think hes naturally going to be wondering, he never thought it would come out, so hell be terrified I guess.

Meanwhile, Emma is loving working with her new co-star James Moore, as she heaped praise on both him and the storyline.

She enthused: I just think its been exquisitely written, brilliantly dealt with and the excitement when I was reading the scripts to be doing something so different. It was just so much more substance there. And then this guy comes along and youre blown away and we did have instant chemistry in the line. I remember I was saying, “You should have shot the line run!” because it wasnt a line run, it was boom – hed nailed it in one. I was like, “this is going to be something really special.”

Also the feedback for James has been off the scale. Such positive, amazing, comments.

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