Defiant Kevin Hart Wont Apologize, Tells Academy To Move On If It Must


The Kevin Hart Oscar hosting crisis just hit DefCon 1. In his latest Instagram post in handling a crisis that has been escalating all day, Hart essentially says that he has dealt with his homophobic statements in the past, and hes not going to let Internet trolls win. He will stand his ground and not apologize, despite the Academys persistent demand for an apology. He says that if the Academy cant accept that, they can replace him and it will be “no harm, no foul.” So it seems just a matter of time before the Academy cuts ties with him, a move that can come as early as tonight. Because even though Hart has a point in objecting to have postings from nearly a decade ago thrown in his face, his stubbornness has established him as a clear liability, and his unwillingness to apologize for homophobic comments could reverberate with nominees and in other areas.

Says Hart: “We feed Internet trolls and we reward them. Im not going to do it, man. Im going to be me. Im going to stand my ground. Regardless, Academy, Im thankful and appreciative of the opportunity. If it goes away, no harm, no foul.”

For the record, this is the second Instagram post Hart has filmed today and he didnt apologize in either one. What an unfortunate turn of events. Watch this unfortunate and surreal event unfold, in real time:

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