Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Habeeb dumps Kate Connor after truth is exposed?

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Kate Connors lies were exposed in tonights Coronation Street, could her desperation to have a baby have ended her relationship with the love of her life Rana Habeeb?

Kate and Robert have been making plans for him to become a sperm donor, and they headed to their doctors appointment to get the ball rolling. But while there Michelle walked out of a counselling session and nearly caught them, leading the pair to have to cover by jumping into a cupboard. Deciding to do the right thing, Robert headed off to tell Michelle about his baby plan, but he was left floored when Michelle said shes changed her mind, she wants to have his baby.

Shocked at Michelles revelation, Robert decided he had to tell Kate, and rushed to catch her before the revealed the news to Rana at the medical centre.

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(Picture: ITV)

He blurted out that he and Michelle were trying for a baby, and Kate was left crushed. When Rana later found Kate in tears she questioned what was wrong and Kate came clean and explained what she and Robert had planned.



Hurt by the lies, Rana stormed out and went to the Rovers to drown her sorrows.

Alya spotted her looking downcast and went over to join, telling her that whatever the problem is she could get over it, and that shed make a great mum.

But then Rana dropped the bombshell; she no longer trusts Kate for going behind her back and lying, telling Alya her relationship just isnt working anymore.

Is this the end of the road for Kana?

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