Hollyoaks spoilers: Actor Jacob Roberts reveals Damons mistake may destroy Brody

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Damon Kinsella took the decision to lie in order to help Brodys case in Hollyoaks, but as it turned out the lie ruined everything.

He was perturbed after receiving a letter from his dad Buster through Arlo which asked him not to lie, and when it came down to it and the pressure mounted, Damon cracked and told the truth. The result was the judge throwing out Brodys case altogether and ending his chance to get justice.

Now Damon and Brodys friendship is in tatters, as rather than helping to save the day, Damon has crushed everything Brody has been working for. The big question is now whether their friendship can survive this.

This lie has been building for a while, Jacob told Metro.co.uk. Theyve been working on it together to make sure they had everything sussed but I think when he got up there he just panicked. And I dont think it helped with the likes of Arlo watching.

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He gave him a note about his dad and Damon had had no contact with his dad, he hasnt even seen him since hes been in prison. And this letter was a letter from the heart, it felt like it was his dad and that what threw him.

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Damon also hadnt been expecting the prosecutors evidence, which poked a massive hole in his lie.

The prosecutor threw a curve ball in there about how could he have heard it being inside a room three floors away, and she had the floor plans, Jacob explained. He panicked at that moment in time. So Im hoping Brody sees that. It was all coming from love but when he got up there he bottled it.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

But can their friendship possibly survive this or will Brody be destroyed?

This is a big test, he said. This is something that wont be forgotten. I think this is Damon trying to help Brody but it seems all the time like he seems to mess up and this is a big mess up. This is where Brody cant get justice for what Buster did to him. This is a big thing in their relationship.

I dont know if itll carry on. I dont know if there will be tension between them – Brody starts having flash backs and this whole storyline of him not getting justice will potentially have a bigger effect on Brody, Im not sure if Damon will be a big part of that. There will be ripples for a while yet.

But Damon had been faced with an impossible choice between his best friend and his dad.

The main struggle for Damon was that he was doing something for his best mate, but potentially lying about something that would get his dad sent down, Jacob said. It becomes a struggle between those two things.

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The feedback to the storyline has been strong, with survivors coming forward to praise the show for their portrayal of the storyline, which has resulted in Aeden Duckworth being recognised for his role as Ollie.

Speaking about his National Television Award nomination, Jacob said: Hes a good kid Aedan, Ive watched some of the stuff on screen and hes got to be proud of himself. Hes really, really good. Fair play to him. Hes so mature. Hes just a good asset to Hollyoaks and he deserves everything for that.

Hopefully Damon will find himself with happier times ahead.

I hope so, he confessed. I hope so for Brody as well. I hope they get back to that fun relationship. Weve had a few scenes where its quite nice between them as well . Im hoping they can get back to being a bit of bromance, having a bit of fun, itll be nice.

You have a few heavy weeks and when you get a light scene you do enjoy it, you have a bit of a giggle and its a bit different on set as well. It can be quite serious at times, especially when you film something like this.

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