Catholic diocese to pay $2M to molested boy forced to confess to abuser priest

A victim of a predator priest will receive $2 million dollars after he was repeatedly molested, then forced to confess to his abuser.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania agreed on Tuesday to make the payment to the victim, believed to be former alter boy, who was abused more than 20 times in various rectories by ex-priest and convicted pedophile David Poulson, 65.

Poulson pleaded guilty in January to sexually abusing two boys and making one of them say confession after the assaults, which spanned from 2002 to 2010 in churches in Fryburg and Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.

David Poulson pleaded guilty to molesting two boys in January. On Tuesday, it was announced one of his his victims would receive a $2 million settlement (Picture: AP)

The victims attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, said the diocese chose to settle the claim before his client, only referred to as John Doe, filed a lawsuit.

Poulson was one of only two priests charged as the result of a grand jury report that detailed allegations against 300 predator priests accused of abusing more than 1,0000 victims across the state. So few priests were charged because nearly all of their alleged crimes occurred decades ago, past the statute of limitations for sexual abuse, according to NBC.

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Poulsons victims were eight and 15 years old when he molested them.



Poulson assaulted one of his victims more than 20 times in church rectories. He made that victim go to confession and confess the abuse – to Poulson. He used the tools of the priesthood to further his abuse, Shapiro said.

The boys were also molested at a remote hunting cabin that Poulson owned with a friend, Shapiro said. The priest would often watch horror movies with his victims on his laptop before assaulting them.

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