5 times The Big Bang Theory gang were squad goals IRL


The gang knows what makes each other tick after all this time (Picture: CBS)

The Big Bang Theory gang have known each other for 10 years, and so clearly know how to make each other tick.

With the series winding to an end, their on-set group hugs that happened before every taping have been adorable, and now theyve made their mark in television history as not only the longest running sitcom, but also the first show to ever be commemorated at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

But its not just on the shows set that they act like theyre besties, theyve been caught out more than once proving just how much of a tight bond they actually have.

Here are just some of the times, away from the series, that the gang have proven how theyre pure friendship goals.

Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galeckis sloppy snogs



Wayyyy before the Big Bang Theory, Mayim (who plays Amy) and Johnny (Leonard) actually worked together on a whole other show.

In fact, they were each others first on-screen kiss, when Johnny appeared in Mayims growing-up sitcom, Blossom, at the age of 14.

So when it was brought up by Conan OBrien a few years back during an interview, Kunal Nayyar (Raj) stirred the pot by telling them to do it again.

The pair leaned into the embarrassment and brought the kiss up to date, grabbing each other by the face and going for a proper snog – and it was sloppy and gross and hilarious.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon) then exclaimed in shock: What kind of show is this?!?

He later joined in on the fun and jumped into a similar snog with Kaley Cuoco (Penny) as Mayim and Johnny locked lips next to them. Quite the love fest!

The boys vs girls dance battle

The team arent against the odd flashmob after episodes wrap up, but this one took their rivalry to the next level.

In a Pitch Perfect style head-to-head, the cast and crew split down the middle to men and women – and then had a dance off.

With Kunal and Simon Helberg (Howard) leading the boys, and Kaley, Mayim and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) on the other, the song mash up allowed them to bust some serious moves as the studio audience cheered them on.

Well leave it up to you to decide who you think won…

When Johnny and Kaley handled their break-up/dating rumours like pros



Its never cute when people say that you should totally get together with your best mate, especially when youre both dating other people.

Kaley and Johnny did actually date for a while at the start of their work on The Big Bang Theory, but ultimately it didnt work out and theyve remained close friends ever since.

However, especially after the breakdown of Kaleys marriage to Ryan Sweeting, rumours that they had reignited their romance starting spreading again.

Refusing to back down or stop being affectionate to each other in public, instead Johnny and Kaley doubled down, and mocked those who thought they couldnt be friends without *those* kinds of feelings for each other.

After a particularly cuddly display at the Peoples Choice Awards in 2016 – where the Big Bang Theory landed some prizes, Kaley set the story straight online.

So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here. Me and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki are just the best of buds — Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!

She later added the hashtag #notdating to a number of pictures of them together.

More recently, Johnny has formed a strong bond with Karl Cook, Kaleys new husband, with one picture seeing them snuggling on Sheldons spot after meeting for the first time.

In on the joke, Kaley demanded: Get off my man!

Kunal and Mayim rap battling each other

Unafraid to throw some punches when they need to, Kunal and Mayim got personal through the medium of rap in a Drop The Mic special for TBS.


During the head-to-head, Kunal called Mayim a child star whose career never quite Blossomed and said that her name sounded like a side dish for falafel.

Mayim later hit back and said he had a name that made Donald Trump nervous and told him that his accent isnt cute, he just mispronounces words.

Ultimately, Mayim was declared the winner and took home a trophy, and proving there was no hard feelings the pair immediately celebrated by hugging each other.

When Johnny and Kunal got Melissa a birthday cake three months early

The final day of shooting the Big Bang Theory was an emotional day on many levels.

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