Mother killed three babies and let one dead infant rot away to a diaper-wearing skeleton

Erika Murray, Blackstone, house of horrors, Massachusetts, infants, dead, skeleton, murder

Erika Murray was discovered to be living in a filthy House of Horrors with three dead infants in Blackstone, Massachusetts (Picture: Getty Images/ City of Blackstone)

A mother killed three of her babies and let one of the infants decompose until it was just a diaper-wearing skeleton, police say.

The first day of Erika Murrays trial for the death of her three infants on Tuesday revealed appalling details about the conditions of her House of Horrors in Blackstone, Massachusetts.

Murray, 35, was arrested after the feces-covered, insect-filled, trash-strewn home was discovered by a neighbor, Betsy Brown, in August 2014.

Investigators would eventually find a dead infant stuffed in a backpack in a closet with the placenta still attached near a dead dog in separate bag. A second dead infant was found in another closet, NBC reported.

A third dead baby was found diapered and fully clothed, but they were skeletal remains, prosecutors said.

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Murray, who had four living children in the house ranging from five months to 13-years-old, is charged with murdering two of the infants and letting one die by extreme neglect.



Prosecutors said that some of two of her children had never been taken outside and her 3-year-old was not capable of walking, could not feed herself and was developmentally delayed to a huge extent.

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Brown was the first to testify in the trial and broke into tears as she described the deplorable conditions of the home that she discovered. She entered the house after Murrays 10-year-old came to her and asked her to help him shush a crying baby.

She said: Dirty diapers, lots of dirty diapers, baby bottles, maggots everywhere. It was really dark and hot. It was horrible.

You really couldnt see a floor. It was more like just walking on top of stuff trying to get to other stuff … horrible rotting food, dirty diapers. It was horrible. It was the worst smell Ive ever smelled.

Brown went upstairs and discovered an infant, and told the court: She had feces completely, pretty much covering her, hair, body, everything.

Erika Murray, Blackstone, house of horrors, Massachusetts, infants, dead, skeleton, murder

Home where Erika Murray lived and three baby skeletons were found (Picture: Getty Images)

Erika Murray, Blackstone, house of horrors, Massachusetts, infants, dead, skeleton, murder

Workers in hazmat suits remove bags of waste from Erika Murrays home in Blackstone on September 14, 2014. (Picture: Getty Images)

7107631 Neighbor tells mother's murder trial how house where two dead babies were found was covered in maggots and fleas Massachusetts woman has been indicted on two murder charges after the skeletal remains of three babies were found in her filthy home crawling with vermin in September, it was announced today. Erika Murray, 31, has been held on $1million bail after pleading not guilty to earlier charges, including fetal death concealment, reckless endangerment, assault and battery on a child and animal cruelty. Murray's attorney, Keith Halpern, said on Tuesday he's disappointed prosecutors decided to upgrade the char</br><a href=><strong>Read More – Source</strong></a></p> 
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