Exclusive: Guatemalan Official Explains Why His People Are Fleeing, Says Mexico Is A Big Part Of The Problem

Stephanie Hamill | Video Columnist

The Guatemalan Minister of Governance Enrique Degenhart is calling out the Mexican government for its role in the migrant crisis.

During a sit-down interview, he told The Daily Callers Stephanie Hamill that Mexico is incentivizing Guatemalans and others from Central American countries to leave their homes by offering different kinds of benefits to them like work permits and visas while they migrate north toward the United States. (RELATED: Arizona Border Mayor Speaks Out About the Migrant Crisis.)

Degenhart explained:

Let me start by saying that our macroeconomic numbers in the country are very good. We have actually the lowest criminal rates in the country that we have had in the past 15 or 20 years which means that its probably not a factor of economics or security. What we have identified and this is part of what we hRead More – Source