School sets up pop-up shop of 200 donated dresses to help students afford prom

Ally Elouise lends prom dresses to girls who would otherwise struggle to afford them (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

Your school prom is a big deal. Its one of your last big blow outs with all your friends and you might take a date – so your dress has to be perfect.

With the influx of American culture in the UK, prom is now a bigger deal than it has ever been before – and prom dresses can cost hundreds of pounds.

Add the cost of hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, a limo and a taxi home – and this is becoming one seriously pricey event.

One school has come up with a brilliant solution to help keep costs down, so every student can have a great time at prom.

Maesteg Comprehensive School holding a pop-up shop to rent out dresses for free.

PE teachers Emily Scudamore and Annemarie Scarr had the brilliant idea of putting out an appeal on social media for donations – and they were inundated with dresses.

Ally Elouise (corr) lends prom dresses to girls who would otherwise struggle to afford them Credit: Daily Post Wales
The schools textile department will be offering alterations (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

They now have around 200 dresses, as well as shoes and accessories. They even have 30 brand new dresses from a wedding shop in the area.



The school are also paying for tickets and buses to the event, and the textile department will be on hand with any alterations the dresses may need.

Were so influenced by American culture, we cant get away from that,” head teacher Helen Jones told Wales Online.

Thats something the pupils want.

The reality is that the prom is a wonderful idea that children want and they request them from an early age. However when people hear the word “prom” it is like “wedding” and they will double the price.

But its always been a concern. There has to be a child in every school in the country that feels ostracised because they cant afford it. They would rather not go.

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Theres enough pressure on teenagers already without that. Theres a reason we have uniforms in schools.

And there are other local schemes to help keep school prom costs to a minimum.

Law graduate, Ally Elouise, from Penrhyn Bay set up Prom Ally, a charitRead More – Source