Mel Bs daughter Phoenix divides viewers of Born Famous as she visits the Spice Girls childhood home

Born Famous - Mel B and Phoenix

Phoenix Chi had a mixed reception as she visited mum Mel Bs childhood home (Picture: Channel 4)

Tonights Born Famous saw Mel Bs daughter, Phoenix Chi, 19, visit her mums childhood home of Hyde Park, Leeds, but she left viewers divided.

Phoenix was meant to stay the night in Mels childhood bedroom, but soon decided she was too emotional to spend the night in a house with strangers, who had been pretty excited to learn her mum was an actual Spice Girl.

The show was designed to give the children of famous stars, including Mel, Gordon Ramsay and Michelle Mone, the chance to experience what their lives could have been like if their parents hadnt been famous.

Some fans were disappointed that Phoenix didnt take part in the whole experience by not staying the night in her mums old home, posting: Whats the point if shes not going to live there as well? That was disappointing tbh.



Another added: I really took to Jack Ramsay last week but just not feeling it with Phoenix this week, its going in one ear & out the other, she doesnt seem bothered!


Some viewers were big fans of Phoenix (Picture: Twitter)


While others though she didnt take the challenge on properly (Picture: Twitter)

Phoenix Chi

Phoenix tried her hand at working at Pizza Hut (Picture: Channel 4)

Others thought that Phoenix had turned out wonderfully, writing: Just shows a Beverly Hills rich kid who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth can be far more down to earth and well mannered than her mother who was “apparently” born with nothing. Hope we see more of Phoenix in the future.

Another added: Actually enjoyed #BornFamous tonight. @OfficialMelB your daughter did you proud.

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The episode saw Phoenix work at Pizza Hut and a coffee shop, visit her grandads former work place and speak to young people living in the area about their lives.

Born Famous returns on Monday at 10pm on Channel 4.

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