The Walking Deads Khary Payton teases what Michonne and Ezekiel kiss could mean for season 10

Michonne and Ezekiel kiss  - Khary Payton comp

Ezekiel and Michonne have some explaining to do (Picture: AMC; FilmMagic)

Ever since The Walking Dead dropped their season 10 trailer, fans have been questioning one thing – just what the hell is going on with that Michonne and Ezekiel kiss?!

Well, annoyingly, the actors are keeping tight-lipped about it all, with Danai Gurira refusing to spill anything when confronted about it before.

But Khary Peyton, who plays King Ezekiel himself, has now opened up about it – even though, he somehow manages to avoid telling us much either.

Speaking on the Talking Deads Season 10 preview special, Khary explained that it definitely wasnt romantic – because he knows Danai too well to get into it.

He said: I think I actually kissed Danai on the lips twice, it was mostly just upper nose. Were too brotherly-sisterly for this thing.

It was just very awkward, so many times. But you know, theres gonna be a lot of speculation, there already has been, so well see.

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He added that people get lost in the woods and things happen so…does that mean this is a romance, or something else?



Were going to need an explanation and fast.

It seems that Ezekiel will be up to all sorts in season 10, with showrunner Angela Knag previously declaring hes taking a sharp left turn…whatever that means.

She told Entertainment Weekly: We definitely have a story that Im really excited about telling for Ezekiel in Season 10. Ive talked to Khary about it.

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It opens a door to do something thats different and really hopefully interesting for people to see with Ezekiel in the next chapter of dealing with the breakup of his home and his family and the loss of his child.

Hopefully good character stuff can come out of it all.

The Walking Dead Season 10 begins Sunday, October 6 on AMC and Fox.

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