Star Trek: Discovery writer quits after being chastised for using n-word in writers room

Walter Mosley

Walter chose to resign (Picture: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

A Star Trek: Discovery writer quit the show after he was chastised for using the n-word in the writers room.

Walter Mosley, who is black, resigned from a writers room believed to be that of Star Trek: Discovery after he was reported to HR for using the slur, earlier this year.

The 67-year-old wrote an op-ed about his experience for the New York Times, and although he didnt mention the show, the Hollywood Reporter established it was CBS prequel.

Mosley wrote: Id been in the new room for a few weeks when I got the call from human resources. A pleasant-sounding young man said, “Mr. Mosley, it has been reported that you used the n-word in the writers room”.

I replied, “I am the N-word in the writers room”.

The screenwriter said he had not called anyone by the slur, saying: I just told a story about a cop who explained to me, on the streets of Los Angeles, that he stopped all n*****s in paddy neighborhoods and all paddies in n***** neighborhoods, because they were usually up to no good.

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Walter had joined the show to work on season three (Picture: CBS)

Mosley was not told who he made uncomfortable with his use of the slur, and he chose to resign, although he was not threatened with the sack.



He wrote: There I was, a black man in America who shares with millions of others the history of racism. And more often than not, treated as subhuman. If addressed at all that history had to be rendered in words my employers regarded as acceptable.

There I was being chastised for criticising the word that oppressed me and mine for centuries.

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Mosley added that he would have been able to use the slur in a script, and argued: The worst thing you can do to citizens of a democratic nation is to silence them.

CBS said: We have the greatest admiration for Mr. Mosleys writing talents and were excited to have him join Star Trek: Discovery.

While we cannot comment on the specifics of confidential employee matters, we are committed to supporting a workplace where employees feel free to express concerns and where they feel comfortable performing their best work. We wish Mr. Mosley much continued success.

Mosley is best known for his Easy Rawlins mystery books, and has written for the TV show Snowfall.

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