Rachel Lindsay Reveals Her Shocking Ghosting Story That Inspired Her New Show Ghosted

Ghosting is an epidemic, & its happening more and more. Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay revealed her ghosting trauma that helped inspire her new show.

Ghosting is happening more and more these days, and Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills are trying to put an end to the trend with their new MTV show Ghosted. The pair met while recording Traviss podcast, and began to exchange ghosting stories of their own. “Im telling my story, hes telling his story and were like, Oh, were not alone. This is, this is a thing, this is an issue. We need to tackle this. And here we are tackling it!” the former Bachelorette dished on the HollywoodLife podcast. The show finds people who have been ghosted in romantic relationships, friendships and even by family members, and brings the “haunted” face-to-face with their “ghost.”

“Its just becoming acceptable, and its a problem,” Rachel explained. The newlywed recalled a shocking ghosting story of her own, that occurred 10 years ago before she went to law school. “I was actually at church of all places on New Years Eve, I will never forget this, Im talking to the friend who actually introduced me to this guy and hes like, Man, everyone has a child. And I said, No, so-and-so doesnt, and Im talking about my boyfriend and he looks at me with the most dumbfounded look…” Rachel soon found out that the man she had been dating for almost a year had a 2-month old child with another woman.

“I ended up taking him back because there was a time where we did have a break, and I did my calculations and I was like, As long as you dont have a relationship with the childs mother, then were okay.'” Rachel and the unnamed man dated another year until she got a call from her S.O.s baby mother, who wanted to know the status of their relationship. “She was like Well, were together, too,'” Rachel admitted. “Somehow, we talked it out and I was back in with him. But, a couple months passed by and I called him one day and the phone says, The number youve reached is no longer in service.'”

Photo By Elissa Anderson

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