Naked Attraction contestants recreate Titanic scene as show plunges into awkwardness

Titanic and Naked Attraction

Spot the difference (Picture: Rex – Channel 4)

Titanic may be known as one of the greatest love stories of all time but, when paired with Naked Attraction, it loses the romance just a little.

When hopeless romantic Michelle reasoned that she was looking for her own Leonardo DiCaprio, viewers didnt quite know what they were in for.

As the lads mid-sections were revealed, host Anna Richardson suggested she recreate the iconic boat scene.

Viewers were pretty horrified to see one of the naked guys wrap his arms around Michelle, with some confirming that there was, in fact, todger on dress.

Naked Attraction contestants re-create Titanic scene and it's all very awkwardPicture: Channel 4

At least she seemed to be enjoying it (Picture: Channel 4)

Dear lord no.

Well theres something you just cant unsee. A naked man and clothed woman on Naked Attraction recreating the Jack and Rose flying scene from Titanic, one viewer said.

Another added: Oh my god shes reenacting Titanic but if Jack and Rose had sex on the bow of the boat.



Titanic scene & Naked Attraction. Just dont work, one more decided.

As for the verdict?

I did get a nice touch of his hands, hes got nice manly hands, Michelle reasoned.

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Viewers were just a little taken aback (Pictures: Twitter)

Were pretty sure thats not where everyone else was focusing TBH.

Although her date with the winning contestant Adie went well, things fizzled out by the time the show caught up with them, with the pair agreeing that he wasnt her Leo.

Not quite the love story we were hoping for, then. Who would have thought?

Its not the first time fans have been taken aback (to say the least) by the show, with one previous contestant serenading four vaginas with Totos Africa.

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The four singletons, whose faces remained anonymous at this point, boogied as their potential new man sang in the studio and it was the oddest 30 seconds of our whole entire lives and it was all down to presenter Anna.

What would we do without her, eh?

Naked Attraction continues next Thursday at 10pm on ChanRead More – Source

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