Great British Bake Offs Ruby Bhogal insists Paul Hollywood is a really nice guy following Summer Monteys-Fullam split

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Ruby Bhogal in more challenging times (Picture: WENN)

We already knew she could bake but it turns out Great British Bake Off finalist Ruby Bhogal can also dish, revealing backstage secrets.

The GBBO 2018 runner-up insists show host Paul Hollywood is a really nice guy.

Hes like that on and off camera. Its all very tongue in cheek, she told Hello.

Hollywood had a bitter split with former partner Summer Monteys-Fullam in August after it was revealed she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the relationship.

The show host later addressed the speculation that he was controlling, lashing out at Monteys-Fullam for selling stories and constantly courting the paps.

Meanwhile, Monteys-Fullam seems to be enjoying the single life, having been recently snapped having a night out with pals.

Paul Hollywood

From Great British Bake Off to Great British Break Up (Picture: Instagram)

Commenting on the other hosts, Bhogal said that Noel and Sandy are just as supportive as they seem on screen.



They do a fantastic job. If youre feeling stressed, theyll come over and get your head straight or have a good chat, she said.

You could ask them for anything and theyd go out and do it.

On the question of what happens to all that cake, Bhogal stressed that nothing goes to waste: If it wasnt the bakers that were going for it, then theres a lot of production staff who were having an absolute ball.

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We were also delighted by Bhogals details about how the washing up gets done on the cult favourite cooking show – they are all hand washed by someones mum!

We go through a lot of utensils but because of the noise, you cant have a dishwasher. she said. God bless her, there was just one woman in the back, washing everyones dishes continuously. She did not complain about it, she was so sweet.

It was the mum of one of the girls who worked there. It sums up the show, its so family orientated.”

The Great British Bake Off 2018 finalists celebrating Rahul Mandal's win

Kim-Joy and Ruby were good sports as Rahul won the top prize (Picture: PA)

Bhogal also revealed more personal anecdotes about her greatest and lowest points on the show, where she was nearly eliminated in the first week which was quite tough.



One of my low points was my cake falling over – that wasnt fun!, she said.

But she argued there were too many highs to choose from on GBBO: I got to do something that I love to do and met some incredible people who are now my best friends and I managed to somehow make it to the final.

Since competing on the show Bhogal has demonstrated she can not only bake off but also glam up.

She is now putting her culinary skillRead More – Source

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