Woman battles to keep emotional support monkeys after theyre branded as dangerous as alligators

Photo of Texanne McBride-Teahan holding one of her emotional support monkeys next to grab of same monkey yawning

Texanne McBride-Teahan has been ordered to get rid of her three emotional support monkeys by city officials – but she insists the creatures are not dangerous, and help her with her PTSD (Picture: KMOV)

An animal lover is battling to keep her three trained emotional support monkeys after officials said theyre as dangerous as alligators.

Texanne McBride-Teahan was reported to the city officials in Creve Coeur, Missouri, last month after moving home and letting one of the creatures out into her garden.

She claims the monkeys help her cope with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a past event she refuses to disclose – but her neighbors are terrified by their presence.

Jim Hentschell, who lives next door, told KMOV: Its a wild animal. They belong in zoos, you know, or in their natural habitat.

Everything I hear about emotional support animals, they only speak about cats and dogs.

Grab of McBride-Teahan's neighbor Jim Hentschell

Neighbor Jim Hentschell reported McBride-Teahan after spotting her monkeys in her garden, and says the animals belong in their natural habitat – or a zoo

And Creve Coeur city officials look set to take Hentschells side. Their rules state that monkeys are inherently dangerous animals and put them in the same category as alligators, pythons as well as lions.



City laws also forbid residents from keeping monkeys in residential areas.

McBride-Teahan attended a city meeting last Monday, and vociferously defended the animals she has owned for the last 20 years.

She said: They are not dangerous animals. They are trained.

They assist me. I have PTSD because ofRead More – Source