Property Brothers Stars Jonathan & Drew Scott Reveal How Brother J.D.s Health Is After Almost Dying

J.D. Scott feared he was dying after a hospitalization scare in May 2019. Four months later, his brothers Drew and Jonathan gave an update on J.D.s current condition, and teased details about J.D.s upcoming wedding!

Behind the glamour of the home-flipping business that fans watched on Property Brothers, stars Jonathan and Drew Scott were dealing with a family emergency in early 2019. Their older brother J.D. Scott, 43, was hospitalized in May 2019, after experiencing a number of mysterious symptoms that included feeling like his skin was “on fire” and “passing out,” which he disclosed to fans in an Instagram video shared on July 8. J.D. actually believed he was “dying” during his hospitalization, but his brothers had much happier news to deliver when HollywoodLife sat down with the HGTV stars for an EXCLUSIVE interview at Cleo Hollywood on Sept. 13! “J.D.s doing great and our family [is] very, very close and so were always there to support each other,” Jonathan revealed. “Our parents as well, the whole gang of us, we see each other as much as possible and it was actually really great.”

J.D.s bounce back has been so amazing, he even made an out-of-country trip with the twins! “J.D.s been doing really well and he came with us and so did his fiancée [Annalee] to Latin America for a press tour. So its kind of nice to get away and enjoy some time together,” Jonathan further revealed about J.D., who has also appeared on Brother Vs. Brother and Property Brothers at Home alongside his little brothers. J.D. also gave Instagram fans another health update on Sept. 15 — after doctors initially explored the possibilities of lupus and a brain aneurysm, J.D. happily announced that he had a “bad GI infection that which has been fixed” and suffered “acute mercury poisoning” with levels so high, it necessitated the health departments involvement. He also suspected he was a victim of fluoroquinolone toxicity, although this hasnt been diagnosed yet.

Now that J.D.s health is in check, he has a wedding to focus on! The director/producer/actor proposed to Annalee, a celebrity makeup artist, on Halloween 2018, and he enjoyed a “pre-bachelor party” with Jonathan and Drew while they toured Latin America this summer. “What we did, we did do a little like a pre-bachelor party where we were in Latin America. So that was a fun little getaway. But we have some other things planned maybe to be closer to the wedding,” Drew told HollywoodLife. As for the nuptials itself, Drew promised its “not going to be your typical wedding” — first of all, J.D. and Annalee will be tying the knot on Halloween. “All I know that the wedding itself is going to be off the charts because J.D. and Annalee, theyre quirky, they love to have fun, theyre different,” he added.