BJP rejects Congress charge against PM

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Tuesday rejected Congress leader Anand Sharma's charge that the Prime Minister campaigned for US President Donald Trump in his Houston.
"The Prime Minister was not campaigning in that sense. One must remember that Trump had used Ab ki baar, Trump Sarkaar statement or this phrase with regard to some function possibly Diwali with the Indian-American community last time.
"And, if the Prime Minister recalls it, it is not a campaign. It always appears that the Congress party would like to continue its policy of criticising anything and everything, and trying to find faults when non-exist. It seems to be there new found agenda…," BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli told ANI.
The Congress on Monday accused Modi of violating a time-honoured principle of Indian foreign policy, saying he is in the US as India's Prime Minister and not as a star campaigner in the elections there.
"There is a time-honoured convention of India's foreign policy that when we engage with foreign governments or the Prime Minister and the President are on foreign soil, we do not take a partisan position on domestic electoral politics," said Anand Sharma while addressing a press conference.
Kolhli also lauded Modi for championing his government's decision to scrap Jammu and Kashmir's decades-old special status while addressing the Indian community in Houston.
He slammed Pakistan for interfering in India's internal issues and not doing enough to curb the menace of terrorism.
"It was a magnificent and historic occasion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji speaking on a host of issues, informing people and bringing up Article 370 is commendable. A standing ovation for that. President Trump while with the Prime Minister recognized the issue which clearly displayed the fact that India and United States share a common vision on many things, including the concern on terrorism and the concern related to India's border…All of this reaffirms strong bonds between the two leaders and the two countries," he said.
"Simultaneously for Pakistan, there is also a clear message. Pakistan should be more concerned about its people, rather than building Read More – Source