Chinese media bats for close ties with India

BEIJING: Chinas state media outlets on Friday spoke of further enhancement of China-India ties as their leaders, Chinese president Xi Jinping and PM Narendra Modi “want nothing to get in the way of constructive engagement”.
The two leaders shared a “personal chemistry” and would work together to realise the dream of an Asian century, state media said. Chinese media accused western countries of trying to hinder the growing closeness between India and China.
“The West tends to have the misinterpretation over the Asian century as it believes it would be a China-centered century. But late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping articulated long ago that no genuine Asian century would come without the development of China, India and other regional developing countries,” state-run Global Times said.
It is significant that the enthusiasm for close ties between India and China emerged in the official media as Xi left for Chennai. The local media did not discuss it during the previous two days when Pakistan PM Imran Khan was visiting. The two countries made announcements about the visit just two days ahead amid speculation that it might be delayed. State media cited this as a sign of improvement in relations.
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