Indian influence group runs 265 fake news sites

NEW DELHI: Over 265 fake news sites in more than 65 countries are managed by an “Indian influence network”, according to a study by EU DisinfoLab, an NGO that researches and tackles “sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member states, core institutions and core values”.
The group stated it began to study the website of a portal ( that calls itself a monthly news magazine for the European parliament after “we unexpectedly found a large number of articles and op-eds related to minorities in Pakistan as well as other India-related matters (on the website).” The study adds that the EU Disinformation Task Force called European External Action Services East StratCom had earlier busted EP Today as a “lobby group” in October, 2019.
“EU DisinfoLab discovered that EP Today is managed by Indian stakeholders, with ties to a large network of think tanks, NGOs, and companies from the Srivastava Group. We also found that the IP address of the Srivastava Group is also home to the obsRead More – Source