Louise Minchin forced to step in after Carol Kirkwood blunder

LOUISE MINCHIN was back on the BBC Breakfast sofa today alongside co-host Dan Walker but not long into the show she was forced to step in due to a huge blunder during meteorologist Carol Kirkwood’s weather report.

BBC Breakfast continued today and Carol Kirkwood was presenting live from Wimbledon to share the latest weather report. Carol was talking from outside the prestigious tennis venue, which, of course, had its annual contest cancelled this year due to the current coronavirus pandemic. However, Louise Minchin was forced to step in today after it became clear that Carol was dealing with some major tech issues.

Dan and Louise were talking about the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged £1.5 million to rebuild schools around the UK.

They were also talking about Wimbledon, which was set to start this week but because of the current pandemic, it is no longer happening.

This year would have marked the sports 134th year of global competition, however, BBCs resident meteorologist was on hand to talk about it.

Dan welcomed Carol to the show this morning and it was clear that it was very windy at Wimbledon this morning.

Dan said: “Theres no tennis at Wimbledon, but Carol is there. Looks pretty blustery there and thats one of the warnings for the week isnt it?”

Carol began her report, but it quickly became clear that something was wrong as the meteorologist took her earpiece out.

She said: “Good morning everyone. Youre right it is a bit blustery out here today, weve got some lovely sunshine though.

“Its the first time since World War II that the Wimbledon championships havent actually taken place.

“You can see around me just how deserted everything is.”

The host was seen playing with her earpiece and eventually had to take it out, and continued: “Normally Sally Nugent and I would be in court 18.”

It quickly became quite distracting for the viewers, but Carol carried on as if nothing had happened.

However, when it came to throwing it back to Dan and Louise in the studio, one of the hosts was forced to explain what was going on.

Louise said: “Carol, I think you may be having problems hearing us.”

The weather woman didnt respond so Louise carried on and said: “We will come back to you a little bit later.

“I wont expect you to answer any questions right now, but give us a wave. Bless her, she really cant hear us.”

Luckily, Carol was finally able to hear Louise and she gave a little wave to the hosts.

Dan and Louise found this very funny and went on to explain how much they are looking forward to seeing some of the best Wimbledon matches over the years in place of the usual competition.

Elsewhere on the show today, Sally Nugent was talking to Wimbledon Champion Andy Murrays mother, Judy today.

Judy was on BBC Breakfast in the hopes of encouraging more people to get out and play despite the lockdown.

She explained: “Tennis is in a great position because it was the first sport to open up during the lockdown, so we have a great opportunity to bring these players back, but also get more.