26,000 handmade rakhis presented to defence minister Rajnath Singh for soldiers in Ladakh

NEW DELHI: Students and Youth for Thiruvalluvar (SYT) president and former Rajya Sabha member Tarun Vijay has presented 26,000 handmade rakhis to defence minister Rajnath Singh for soldiers posted in Ladakh and other border areas.
As many as 13,000 of the rakhis were made by the students of Bharani Vidyalaya in Tamil Nadu under the leadership of Ram Subramanyam, who is the principal of Students and Youth For Thiruvalluvar.
Another lot was prepared by children belonging to various schools in Dehrudun, including the Aryan School.
Sewa Bharati, an RSS-inspired service organisation, also prepared several thousand rakhis with the help of girls living in slums and sewa bastis. Youth For Bharat leader Ms Vrinda led this Rakhi group.
Many rakhis have Kurals from Thirukural written on them with victory pictures of Army jawans
Vijay said that such programmes help spread awareness about soldiers and cultivate a feeling of love and respect for the Army in the younger generation. He added that several such initiatives have been undertaken over the last four years.
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