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Candles, flags and a howl of pain: Taiwan remembers Tiananmen

admin- June 5, 2022

On a steamy summer’s night several hundred people gathered at the foot of Taipei’s grand Chiang Kai-shek memorial for one of dozens of vigils being ... Read More

India: 27 people killed after fire rips through Delhi office block

admin- May 14, 2022

At least 27 people have died and dozens more were injured in a huge fire in a commercial building in India’s capital, Delhi. The large ... Read More

Japan’s Coast Guard says 10 people from sunken tour boat confirmed dead

admin- April 24, 2022

Japan’s guard says 10 of the 26 people aboard a tour boat that sank in the frigid waters of a northern national park have been ... Read More

Covid cases rise in Shanghai as millions remain in lockdown

admin- April 3, 2022

Covid-19 cases in China’s largest city of Shanghai have risen again as millions remain isolated at home under a sweeping lockdown. Health officials on Sunday ... Read More

Indonesian principal given life term for raping 13 students

admin- February 16, 2022

An Indonesian court on Tuesday sentenced an Islamic boarding school principal to life in prison for raping at least 13 students over five years and ... Read More

Afghanistan’s Taliban told they can’t take their guns to the funfair

admin- February 2, 2022

Taliban fighters will no longer be allowed to carry their weapons in amusement parks in Afghanistan, the group’s spokesman said on Wednesday, in what appeared ... Read More

Hindu extremists in India escalate rhetoric with calls to kill Muslims

admin- January 19, 2022

India’s Supreme Court says it will investigate after complaints that Hindu nationalist leaders called on followers to take up arms against the country’s Muslim minority. The notice of ... Read More

Transgender people to gain inheritance rights in Bangladesh

admin- January 14, 2022

DHAKA: Transgender people will soon be able to inherit property from their families, Bangladesh&#039.. Read More

India denies Pakistan’s allegations over funding of militant groups

admin- January 14, 2022

NEW DELHI: India on Sunday (Nov 15) denied allegations by its arch-rival Pakistan that New Delhi had.. Read More

Huge India oil well fire extinguished after five months

admin- January 14, 2022

NEW DELHI: A massive oil well fire that raged for more than five months in northeast India has final.. Read More