Former UCF Coach Hits Back At Nick Sabans National Championship Criticism

Former UCF football coach Scott Frost hit back at Nick Sabans criticism of the Knights crowning themselves national champs.

Frost, who has since been hired at Nebraska, kept it short and simple after Saban ripped into UCF. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

“Alabama probably has one or two championships that they claim werent necessarily recognized by everybody,” Frost said late Wednesday night.

Scott Frost responds to Nick Sabans comments about UCF: will have more Sunday at 10.@ThorTripp @ketvlincoln #Huskers

— KETV NewsWatch 7 (@KETV) May 17, 2018

Its almost like Frost read my piece responding to Saban yesterday. Its the exact same argument that I made. Its crazy for anybody at Alabama to accuse anybody else of cooking the books for national titles. (RELATED: NICK SABAN MAKES SOME ABSURD COMMENTS ABOUT UCFS UNDEFEATED SEASON)

Thats why it made no sense for Saban to open his mouth and say anything at all about UCF crowning themselves national champs. It is so easy to hit back and hit back accurately. Theres no question at all.

Frost said exactly what needed to be said, which is the same argument I made. He was actually a little more diplomatic than I was. I counted six or seven national titles for Alabama that can be disputed. Maybe Saban should think a little longer before weighing in on UCF.

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