EastEnders spoilers: Stuart Highway to be revealed as Zsa Zsas father after Tina Carter sex attack?

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Stuart to be revealed as Zsa Zsa's father after sex attack on Tina in EastEnders?

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EastEnders fans reckon they have figured out the dark secret between Tina Carter and evil Stuart Highway as they are theorising that it is about to be revealed that she was raped by him years ago – and that he fathered her daughter Zsa Zsa.

During sinister scenes in the E20 nightclub, Stuart took revenge on Tina for making fun of him by getting the DJ to play a song that instantly brought back horrific memories to Tina – and viewers are worried that it was the song playing when she was subjected to a harrowing attack.

And they are also wondering if what Stuart did led to the birth of Zsa Zsa and whether that explains Tinas difficulties around being a good mum to her.

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Is Stuart the dad of Tinas baby in Eastenders?!

— BCHLOEWX (@_BCWx) July 11, 2018

ooooooo Stuart going to be Zaza's Dad??

Tina what did he do? #Eastenders

🎵🎵Not Lady Scully🎵🎵 (@CarJon1973) July 10, 2018

So wiv the storyline coming up to do wiv Tina & Stuart, will Stuart turn out to Zsa Zsa's dad?? Or something?? #EastEnders

♥Kezza_Lou♥ (@KerryLouiseRoss) July 10, 2018

#EastEnders I think that Stuart is Zsa Zsas father. In the trailer for EastEnders this summer, Tina refers to Stuart as evil. This makes me think that Stuart raped Tina which caused her to become pregnant in the first place.

— Jamie “Prestigious” Holmes (@JamiePrestigio1) July 10, 2018

How old is Zsa Zsa? 20-25 years since Stuart and Tina last met? #eastenders

— EastEnders Weekly Podcast (@eastendersweek) July 10, 2018

EastEnders will tonight reveal the truth about what went on in the past as Sonia Fowler notices that Tina is not herself in the cafe. Tina crumbles and admits the truth about what she went through and a horrified Sonia urges her to contact the police.



Tina will later confront Stuart about his despicable actions but he manipulates her into believing that she has it wrong and he even vows to help Mick track down the real culprit. But before long, his behaviour leads her to realise that he is definitely guilty and she hits rock bottom before eventually coming clean to Tina.

The revelation is overheard by Mick and he is staggered by the accusations and he then comes up with a sure fire way to find out exactly what happened – but will Tina get justice against evil Stuart for his sick actions as she vows to not let him get away with it?

It remains to be seen whether fan theories turn out to be accurate but whatever Stuart did, its going to have major consequences for the Carters as they take him on – and end up in serious danger as a result.

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