UFCs Derrick Lewis Says Trump Told Him To Knock Russian Fighter Out

UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis reportedly told the crowd in Las Vegas that President Donald Trump called him prior to his bout to offer words of encouragement against a foreign adversary.

“I forgot, a few hours before the fight Donald Trump called me and told me Ive got to knock this Russian [expletive] out, cause they making him look bad on the news,” Lewis told comedian and commentator Joe Rogan. “You know, him and Putin and [expletive]. [Expletive] what they talking bout. USA in this [expletive].”

It was widely considered one of the more unique post-fight interviews.

Derrick Lewis is a unique fighter and a unique human being, to say the least. #UFC229

— Gentleman Jack Gallagher (@GentlemanJackG) October 7, 2018

UFC fighter Derrick Lewis just said @POTUS called him and asked him to knock out that Russian.

— Jordan Ferrell (@jordaneferrell) October 7, 2018

Overall, the UFC had a big night.

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