SNL: Stormy Daniels Joins Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Scarlett Johansson, Jimmy Fallon In Wild All-Star Trumpian Cold Open

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Saturday Night Lives cold open was possibly the most all-star — and delightful — political skewering they have had yet. It was the Infinity War of cold opens. Ben Stiller reprised his role as attorney Michael Cohen while Alec Baldwin once again held court as Donald Trump. It starts with an anxiety-ridden Cohen calling Trump from a pay phone saying that he misses him and is concerned about keeping their stories straight about the Stormy Daniels scandal. From there, he loops in different players into the phone call from the Trumpian universe and it ends with the biggest surprise guest of the season.

The sketch was essentially a guessing game of “whos gonna come on next?” which started with Cohen trying to call Rudy Giuliani who Trump says has the “greatest legal mind since My Cousin Vinny. He accidentally calls Trumps Dr. Bornstein who is played by comedian legend Martin Short.

After a few hilarious bits he finally connects with Rudy Giuliani played with freakishly Mr. Burns-from-The Simpsons panache by Kate McKinnon, who adds yet another impersonation to her bag of brilliance. As Giuliani, she takes while he is live on Fox News. He later admits that he is going on 25 talk show appearances. “Im trying to make it like an advent calendar,” says Giuliani. “I reveal one new crime at each show.” This, of course, is referring to Giuliani spilling the beans earlier this week about Trump reimbursing Cohen for the payment made to Stormy Daniels.

Trump answers another call from Aidy Bryants Sara Huckabee Sanders. Shortly after, Stiller answers a call from Cecily Strongs Melania Trump (who is donning the Scandal-esque white hat outfit that was the source of many memes). From there, the cameos flooded in as Cohen continued to switch phone lines. Leslie Jones popped up as a disgruntled Omarosa and Beck Bennett comes in as a creepy Mike Pence looking for a “party line.”

The star power was kicked up a couple of notches when Scarlett Johansson reprised her role as Ivanka Trump while Jimmy Fallon unveiled his high-pitched impression of a very overeager Jared Kushner who was mad about Trump being “disposable.”

When Cohen finally returns to Trump, POTUS say that they need to hurry this up because needs to meet with his chief strategist Kanye West (unfortunately Jay Pharoah was not there to bless us with his impression). Cohen asks Trump what they are supposed to do and he says they have to call Daniels to clear all of this up.

Cohen makes the call and just when you expect to see another cast member impersonate the adult film actress, Stormy Daniels herself answers the phone (to thunderous applause).

After Trump says some salacious words to Daniels he orders her to stop this “act.”

“I work in adult films, were not really known for our acting,” Daniels fires back.

“What do you need for all this to go away?” Trump asks.

“A resignation,” she says.

“Yeah right,” Trump laughs. “Being President is like doing porn — once you do it, its hard to do anything else.”

After a “polls being up” crack, Daniels says, “I know you dont believe in climate change, but a storm is a-coming baby!”

Watch the clips below.

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