Eerie footage unveils secrets of Soviet-era train graveyard (VIDEO)

Eerie footage shows the not easily found Soviet-built cargo trains and locomotives abandoned at a train graveyard in the Russian region of Perm.

The video, provided by Ruptly news agency, reveals images of the long-forgotten trains and locomotives built during the golden era as they emerge at an abandoned forest road, still and unmoved.

Manufactured under Stalin and Khrushchev, the trains can be seen up close, revealing the unique custom-made details, such as stars decorating the front side of the steam locomotives.

The video shows that, despite the time that has passed since the trains were left there to rust, their heavy-built core remained essentially unchanged. The somewhat haunting video offers a glimpse of the interiors of the drivers cab and detailed views of various operating accessories.

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Filmed from above, the trains can be seen mimicking the curve of the forest line, while almost nothing gives away the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed long ago.

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