Love Islands Kieran claims Alexandra was pressured into picking Dr Alex

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Love Island's Kieran claims Alexandra was 'pressured' into picking Dr Alex

Does Alexandra actually like Alex? (Picture: ITV)

Dr Alex has been the most unlucky in love in the villa, having dabbled with five girls in the villa and no relationship.

It seems like this fifth one might possibly have stuck, but if what Kieran says is anything to go by, this one could soon be going the way of the others too.

Appearing on Aftersun with Caroline Flack, axed Islander Kieran revealed he believed that Alexandra was pressured into picking the doctor.

When I was speaking to her I found she felt a lot of pressure to pick Alex, he said. When we cheered like mad that he got the message, because we all wanted him to have that date, she heard that, and I think she felt pressure.

She knows everyone on the outside wants Dr Alex to do well, so she felt a lot of pressure.

His fellow axed Islander Idris concurred: Idris – its true.

Love Island's Kieran claims Alexandra was 'pressured' into picking Dr Alex

Kieran and Idris arent convinced Alexandra likes Alex (Picture: ITV)

Is it a case of sour grapes at losing out?



Former contestant Grace spoke about how she lost her spark with Alex once she entered the main villa.

When I was in Casa Amor, he was a very good looking guy, hes really handsome, and really interesting to talk to. We didnt establish a romantic connection, but he thought there could have been more so thats why he tried to take me into the villa.

But when we got into the villa things just changed.

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Caroline then joked they had the least amount of sexual chemistry of anyone ever.

So far though, Alex and Alex seem to be doing well. Could it finally be the real deal? Or is Dr Alex about to get his heart broken again?

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