7 Holby City spoilers: Fletch declares his feelings for Jac, Dominic wants a baby and more

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Steven is back at the hospital after having a fall, and Fletch finds out more about his medical history. Hes angry with Jac for not letting him know that Steven might have a hereditary illness, but he knows deep down that Jac had his best interests at heart. This makes him think about his own feelings for her and realise hes kept quiet about it for too long.

Dominic is feeling broody, but when he broaches the subject of having children with Lofty he doesnt get the reaction he was hoping for. And Jason is thinking about making a huge change in his and Gretas relationship too. Here are all the spoilers to look out for:

fletch holby-5ce5
Fletch faces his feelings (Picture: BBC)

1. With Steven back on Darwin needing surgery after an accident, Fletch discovers that the reason he left was mainly down to Jac. Fletch is angry at first, but Steven and Frieda make him see that Jac was only acting out of concern for him and that she really cares about him. Fletch decides he and Jac need to get their feelings for each other out in the open – but will Jac agree?

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2. Dominic sees photos of a friends new baby (can you guess who the friend might be? Its someone we know!) and it makes him feel broody. He realises that he and Lofty havent talked about whether they want children or not, but Lofty doesnt seem to be on the same page as Dominic about parenthood. Is it something thats going to drive a wedge between them?

Holby City Series 20
Advice from someone whos been there and done that (Picture: BBC)

3. When a patient dies on AAU it makes Jason think about what would happen to Greta and baby Guinevere if he should die. He asks Ric Griffin for advice, and Holbys most married man does have a suggestion. Jason decides hes going to propose to Greta. Soon everyone pitches in with advice and opinions.

4. Pulses has had a hipster makeover! (But have the muffins changed?).

Holby City Series 20
Baby talk for Dofty and a new look for Pulses (Picture: BBC)

5. Former EastEnders star Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning) guests this week as a patient on Keller. Hughie has a problem with his leg – but his condition is more serious than he realises.

6. Serena debuts a new lime green shirt, but Leah isnt around to admire it as she spends the shift on Keller.

7. Everyone seems to agree that Fletch and Jac would make the perfect couple. All Fletch needs to do is convince Jac, but she clams up and wont discuss their relationship. She reckons without Fletchs persistence. Can he finally get the ice queen to melt?

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