Stan Lees The B-Team Being Adapted In South Korea & China Via Studio Invictus & Camsing

Marvel Entertainment

Stan Lee may have died earlier this month but his superhero ideas live on. The B-Team, an idea from the Marvel Comics icon, is being adapted by a South Korean production company.

Studio Invictus is developing a live-action TV series based on Lees idea of a group of B-list superheroes fighting against the mad scientist that created them.

The series is expected to produce two versions, one for Korea and one for China, to launch in 2020.

The company will work closely with Chinas Camsing International, which that bought Lees POW! Entertainment in 2017, and JYP Pictures. The series is being written by Kang Eun-kyung, the writer behind series such as Bread, Love and Dreams and Whats With This Family.

It comes after Camsing vowed to push on with the development of Stan Lee IP. Shane Duffy, CEO of POW! Entertainment, said, “Through careful planning with Stan, we are confident his vision will continue to be recognized through our current and future Stan Lees POW! Entertainment projects…The Group will firmly push forward the development of Stan Lee IP and strive to integrate Stan Lee elements with oriental tradition to realize Mr. Stan Lees great vision.”

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