Hollyoaks spoilers: Breda McQueen most shocking murder victim is revealed as she continues mission to kill off bad dads

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Christmas wont be a cheerful one in the McQueens house in Hollyoaks, not least because widow Mercedes is marking the day sat beside the cousin who is pregnant with her dead husbands baby.

Its also the day well learn of Breda McQueens most shocking murder victim, a revelation thatll leave Sylva reeling and will change things forever.

There is also set to be an arrest, a proposition and a huge confession on Christmas Day, so itll be a bigun for that family.

And with Breda still on a mission to rid the village of bad dads, who could be next on her hit list? The Christmas trailer has revealed she attacks yet another in the coming weeks…but does she do as good a job of this one or could she slip up?

(picture: Lime Pictures)

Speaking about her murderous character Breda, Moya Brady has revealed the McQueen isnt totally heartless in her kills, but she has a plan and shell be sticking to it.

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Perhaps theres a twinge [of guilt] here and there, but she is clear about her mission to rid Hollyoaks of bad dads, ensuring a village full of happy, fulfilled children, raised by strong independent mummies. She has a vision, and she is committed to that vision.

Breda has been murdering for 32 years, and in the Christmas episode well be delving back into her past to find out who her very first victim is.

Breda is a very humble woman, and God is making all of those decisions, Moya said of why Breda feels its OK for her to kill. She believes she is just following orders.

Lucky for new boyfriend Jack though, she thinks hes one of the good ones and will survive this festive period.

Breda has genuine feelings for Jack. Feelings she is not used to, she said. Hes a good guy, and his sincerity and persistence have managed to melt the icy walls she has had to build to protect her damaged soul.

So who will be next to fall at the hands of Breda McQueen? There are any number of bad dads in the village who should be sleeping with one eye open…

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