Matt Weiner & Christina Hendricks On How The Romanoffs Is Related To Our Own National Low Self-Esteem – The Contenders Emmys Video

Coming off the enormous success of something like Mad Men is no easy task, but Matt Weiner, that series creator and executive producer, has found an unexpected yet equally satisfying way to do it with the Amazon anthology series The Romanoffs. Every week brings a different story and different cast, but all connected in contemporary terms to people who may or may not be actually related to the Russian royal family.

Weiner joined me in conversation about this show at Deadlines fourth annual The Contenders Emmys all-day event at Paramount Studios in front of a packed audience of TV Academy and key guild voters. Along with him was one of the actors who figures in a key episode of the anthology, Christina Hendricks, who reunited with her Mad Men colleague to play an actress making a movie on location in Prague for a uniquely demanding director played by the great Isabelle Huppert.

Hendricks describes meeting her co-star over dinner one night and tells how they bonded before shooting this show, which actually feels like a feature film — as do allRead More – Source