Life after Big Bang Theory: Kunal Nayyar takes break from social media to travel the world

Kunal Nayyar The Big Bang Theory quits social media while traveling

Life after The Big Bang Theory is looking pretty sweet for Kunal (Picture: CBS, Instagram @kunalkarmanayyar)

Kunal Nayyar, better known as The Big Bang Theorys Raj, has announced hes taking a long overdue break from social media following the end of the sitcom.

Posting an Instagram from the sunny shores of the south of France, the actor told his followers hell be signing off while on holiday, writing: As I start my holiday I will be taking a break from social media for a while (I may stick around a day or two because your comments make me smile).

The 38-year-old star is taking some time out to travel the world, on a trip he has dubbed the summer of Kunal.

But he hasnt left his 2.5 million Insta fans completely high and dry, as he left with some pretty inspirational parting advice.

I used to think that the opposite of fear was courage. But I realised that the opposite of fear is actually love. Love is the opposite of fear, he wrote.



So if youre feeling anxious, or panicky, or fearful – just focus on being the most loving, compassionate, and empathetic human that lives inside of you.

Today when you are out and about – smile at a stranger, hold open the door for someone, help a friend or a loved one in need. Because when you become the epitome of love, when you truly become love itself, fear can no longer exist. I promise you this.

The nicest man in TV? We reckon so.

Kunal Nayyar The Big Bang Theory Raj traveling

Fun fact: Kunal has a British passport because he was born in London (Picture: Instagram @kunalkarmanayyar)

Thankfully, it sounds like this isnt the end of Kunals selfies and dog photos as he ended the post: With all my heart… goodbye for now #namaste.

Earlier this year Kunal told Parade he wouldnt be rushing into a new job when The Big Bang Theory came to an end.

Im going to go to India, spend more time with my parents, he said.

I left my country when I was 18, so its important for me to go home and spend time with mom and dad, so thats the main focus right now.

The Big Bang Theory Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kunals Raj got to go on a date with Buffy herself in the last episode (Picture: CBS)

While wed love to follow the actors adventures in Europe and India, his break from social media is more than well deserved after The Big Bang Theorys finale which was watched by an impressive 18 million people.



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The rest of the cast are also getting used to life after the sitcom. Johnny Galecki who played Leonard is expecting a baby boy (even though he said he wanted a girl), Kaley Cuoco who played Penny has