The Big Bang Theory creators on how they sculpted that satisfying season 12 finale

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory came to an end last month (Picture: CBS)

The Big Bang Theory writers didnt get bogged down by the pressures of the fandom when writing the two-part finale.

The CBS sitcom, starring Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki, came to an end last month after an incredible 12 seasons and director Mark Cendrowski and producer Steve Holland have revealed how they coped with coming up with episodes The Change Constant and The Stockholm Syndrome.

Speaking in an interview with Gold Derby, Steve began: Honestly we talked about a lot of things and this is just what felt right to us.

We are aware that there were people, fans of the show, who had things they expected to see and we tried to put that out of our minds at a certain point and just write the finale that we felt was right.

I think some of our wish list and fans wish list hopefully lined up but at the end of the day, when we were talking about it, what really felt right was to not put a period at the end of the sentence.



These people were still going to live their lives and we had what felt like a big emotional climax.

Steve added: It felt good to us that the next day, even though youre not going to see it, these characters were going to get up and go to work together and their lives were still going on.

That felt really comforting to us because it was hard to say goodbye. So knowing that theyre still out there in the world and theyre still friends felt really right and good for us.

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The Big Bang Theory ended with a 139 and a half hour time jump as Leonard and Sheldon were forced to rebuild the atomic model that crumbled ahead of the grand Nobel Prize ceremony.

It turned out that watching the very first episode of the show right through to the moment the final credits rolled takes exactly the same amount of time – a nod to becoming the longest running multi-camera sitcom of all time.

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