Two US Marines Arrested For Smuggling Illegal Aliens

Two active duty U.S. Marines were arrested last week by a San Diego Border Patrol official after attempting to smuggle three illegal aliens into the United States.

Marines Bryon Darnell Law II and David Javier Salazar-Quintero were apprehended around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 3, driving on Interstate 8 in Jacumba Hot Springs, just seven miles north of the California-Mexico border.

According to court documents filed last Friday in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of California, the three captured men admitted to authorities that they were Mexicans in the country illegally. A San Diego Sector Border Patrol agent observed a black car picking the men up on the side of the road and pulled the car over after reports from other suspicious agents patrolling the area. The agents identified Law as the driver, Salazar-Quintero in the passenger seat and the three illegal aliens in the back seat.

Upon being captured, Law informed the investigating agent that he and Salazar-Quintero are active duty Marines assigned to Camp Pendleton in California. Law blamed Salazar-Quintero for organizing the alleged smuggling event, according to a criminal complaint provided to Breitbart.

Two of the three immigrants said they planned to fork over $8,000 to get into the US. They said they expected to settle somewhere in Los Angeles and New Jersey. (RELATED: Mexico Overwhelmed As It Takes On More Illegal Immigrants)

In addition, the Marines reportedly drove another migrant to a McDonalds parking lot in Del Mar last Tuesday at 10:30 pm, where he was picked up by somebody else.

Law admitted that Salazar-Quintero promised him $1,000 for the pick-up over a cellphone, but never compensated him. Despite not getting paid for the pick-up, Law said he agreed to pick up more illegal immigrants last Wednesday after he was promised compensation for both jobs.

Despite this claim, Salazar-Quintero argued that it was Law who introduced him to the criminal act in the first place. He admitted to being in Jacumba Hot Springs on four different occasions for illegal migrant pick-ups, including last Tuesday and Wednesday. He dispuRead More – Source