The Walking Deads Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus discover Andrew Lincoln photos plastered over hotel rooms

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln

The three are close pals (Picture: WireImage)

The Walking Deads Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus were in for a surprise when they turned up at their hotel rooms for San Diego Comic Con to find Andrew Lincolns face plastered everywhere.

We definitely wouldnt be complaining.

Luckily, neither was Jeffrey, who shared snaps Andrew on his pillows, door, mirror, and even his toilet seat lid, to Twitter.

Got to my hotel room at #SDCC feel much better about all of it with Andy EVERYWHERE. Xojd, he wrote.

Later, he suggested that co-star Norman Reedus had been given the same treatment, as he wrote: Our friends at the hotel decorated mine and @wwwbigbaldhead rooms. Pretty damn cute.

The star, who plays Negan in the horror series, later assured fans that Andy had seen the pictures, tweeting: I emailed him all the pics… there are a bunch. Toilet was a pleasant surprise.



Were sure it was.

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln

He was pleasantly surprised by his hotel decor (Picture: Twitter/JDMorgan)

Speaking about Norman, who plays fan fave Daryl Dixon, he added: We have connecting rooms… we each have lots of photos… we can swap after a day or two.

Its clear that the pair have an adorable bromance as Jeffrey previously revealed that Andrew, who plays Rick Grimes on the series, was the main reason he joined the show.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln

Jeffrey plays Negan in the beloved series (Picture: AMC)

Chatting to Access, Jeffrey opened up on Andrews departure, and revealed that his choice to walk away from the AMC series came as a surprise.

The 52-year-old said: Andy told a couple of us, probably a year ago, that this was going to be it. And I really, in our off-season last year, I kept thinking, “Hell change his mind. Hell miss it and want to be back and hell not leave us.”

Were emotional.

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He added: One of the reasons I joined the show was so that I could work with Andy Lincoln. And really, he was — out of this whole cast — the guy that I worked with most.

So I took it hard, I know theRead More – Source

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