Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Facing Possible Lifestyle Changes After Scare



Dog the Bounty Hunter understands he might need to make serious changes in his day-to-day life if he's going to be around for his family … this after some tough love.

Sources close to Dog tell TMZ … family members had a serious talk with him after his weekend hospitalization — for what seemed like a possible heart attack — and made it clear something's gotta give.

As we reported, it turned out to to NOT be a heart attack … still, we're told Dog seems open to making some changes, but nothing is gonna come easy.

For starters … he has been and continues to be a heavy smoker, which of course, is a leading cause of heart issues. We're told he's willing to try to cut back on cigarettes, but there's no talk of quitting.

TMZ broke the story … after performing a bunch of tests, doctors determined Dog's chest pain was brought on by stress and blood pressure issues.

Our sources say Dog eats a ton of junk food — so he's open to dietary changes as well. He's been very candid about his loss of appetite since Read More – Source