National Cheeseburger Day: Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid & More Sexy Stars Chowing Down

Today, Sept. 18, is National Cheeseburger Day! To celebrate this mouthwatering holiday, we rounded up photos of all your favorite celebs digging into juicy burgers. Check them out!

“Eat clean to stay fit. Eat a burger to stay sane.” Thats the motto Gigi Hadid lives by “religiously” and its a pretty great one to have on National Cheeseburger Day. The delicious holiday takes place today, Sept. 18, and in celebration, were inviting you to dig into some photos of celebrities chowing down on the iconic sandwich.

Wed definitely assume that Gigi would be a big fan of the holiday since shes a proud lover of burgers. Her life motto was revealed on The Tonight Show in 2016 when Jimmy Fallon wanted to find a way to honor her belated 21st birthday on the show. But before unveiling a plate of mouthwatering cheeseburgers, Gigi opened up about her quest to find the perfect burger in NYC.

“My best friend and I moved to New York… and we decided we were going to try a new burger every week and find the best burger,” she told the late night host. “So for my first year in New York, thats what I did.” When Jimmy asked her if she ever found that perfect burger, she named JG Melon, a pub in the Upper East Side.

“The thing about J.G. Melons is theyre super simple. They just dont try too hard and its so good,” she gushed as she analyzed the plate of burgers Jimmy brought out. She confessed that she skips the tomatoes before chowing down.

Gigi isnt the only celeb who loves herself a good burger – and JG Melon isnt the only place that stars get their fix. A west coast favorite is obviously In-N-Out, but even Heidi Klum wouldnt