Why should we boycott UAE?

Simon, the Blogger

I’m writing this story to narrate what happened when I visited Dubai. I can’t really mention my name because of some work I do with UAE. I heard there is an international campaign in Europe which focuses on International human trafficking in UAE, so I said this could help. I was so excited to visit Dubai back in 2014. The reason which pushed me to choose Dubai as my holiday destination was due to the excessive media I was exposed too when I was working downtown Manhattan.

Bus ads, Billboard ads, taxi ads, Tv ads, name it. I was like others targeted by the corporate advertisements companies. Indeed, the image of Dubai I saw in these ads made me decide to go to UAE, Dubai where I can hang out with my friends and enjoy the nightlife. I spent some good time with friends and casual friends I met their briefly.

One of the best places I visited was WHITE Dubai and Club Boudoir and Societe Dubai. I also visited some other nightclubs for fun no more, bearing in mind that I’m married and I can’t hang out.

I was approached and my friends by few girls, some of where from the Philippines and others were Russians. The girls have badly offered their “erotic” service, what they called “full service” I really declined their requested and apologized confirming my status as married and i can’t establish a relation beyond this.

I had quick conversation with her, the girl seemed in her early 20es. Despite dressing hot like any other prostitutes, she looked sad and unhappy. I tried to establish a background for her unhappiness and after long conversation she revealed to me that she was trapped in Dubai. She came for some work with Russian friends but apparently, she was tricked into the world of prostitution.

Our conversation was interrupted with a man with big muscled body. He asked me to mind my business and leave.
I quickly left the place and reported this issue to one of the Police stations. Sadly, the police interrogated me and said my claim is invalid and could harm the image of the country. The officer in duty said there is nothing as such where girls are trapped and that they work freely without any pressure. He also argued that I could be banned from entering the UAE if I speak of such stories which described as “utter lies”

Part 2 to follow

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