Dana Carvey Tells Conan About His George H.W. Bush Impression And Hearing From “41”

Dana Carvey was Conan OBriens guest tonight and talked about doing his weekly impression of President George H.W. Bush, who then reached out to him, launching a decades-long friendship – in marked contrast to President Donald Trumps reaction to Alec Baldwins Saturday Night Live impression of him.

“We had so many warm moments,” Carvey said. “It was a different time; it wasnt scorched earth, angry politics.”

As Conans TBS late night show was about to start taping, they heard the former POTUS had been hospitalized the day after former First Lady Barbara Bushs funeral and remains in intensive care,

Carvey said Bush invited him and his wife to the White House after Bush lost the election, “and we really hung out with them. Id never seen a marriage that was so effortless. They were so much fun together.”

“They did not demonize the other side. It was a different time,” Carvey said. “I just love them and wish the best for everybody.”

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