Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster talks ‘tough’ situation at home

Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster talks ‘tough’ situation at home

ROD STEWART’S wife Penny Lancaster has spoken out about the “horrific” situation she has faced behin..

ROD STEWART’S wife Penny Lancaster has spoken out about the “horrific” situation she has faced behind the scenes in lockdown, admitting it has left her wanting to “scream”.

The wife of Sir Rod Stewart, Penny Lancaster, has addressed her health in a new interview. The model has had a “tough” time recently after hitting the menopause during lockdown.

The 49-year-old has been suffering from sweating, one of the main symptoms, as she explained how her famous husband, 75, has reacted.

According to the NHS, women can also expereince hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, low mood and reduced sex drive.

The Loose Women regular said she had to explain to the rocker why she would all of a sudden get “cross”.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Penny commented: “I had a period which lasted just two days in March, and then I woke up sweating. Then I found out I was in menopause.

“I mean millions of women go through it, its nothing special but, God, its tough.”

The mother-of-two said she had woken up sweating, as she isolates at her Essex home with Rod and their offspring.

Branding how she felt as “horrific”, Penny continued: “I actually thought, ‘Is this Covid?’ I had all the menopause symptoms — burning up, feeling wiped out, mood swings that are off the scale.

“Ive wanted to scream. You dont know if its just these times we are in. But eventually I had some tests. Yes, Im in the menopause.”

The blonde beauty said Rod, who she wed back in 2007, had been “brilliant” through it all.

She said: “But its hard for a man to understand, isnt it? As well as the sweats, I have to keep explaining why I can become so cross all of a sudden.”

During her candid chat, Penny went on to discuss her other half’s own health battle, announcing he’d also had an ankle replacement.

The hitmaker was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago, and spoke out for the first time about it in September.

Thankfully he has now been given the all-clear, but Penny admits “nothing will slow him down”.

The couple even renewed their wedding vows while he was in the middle of his cancer battle.

Penny added of the “terrible” situation: “Rod isnt like one of those men who will never go to the doctor. He has more check-ups than anyone I know.

“He just charged through. He said, ‘Oh well, could be worse.’ Thats very him.”

Meanwhile, it comes just days after Penny Lancaster made an admission about her rockstar husband as she talked “jealousy”.

She recalled the moment he thought he’d “lost his wife” when she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

The leggy star took part in the BBC show in 2007 and chatted with her former professional dance partner Ian Waite on Instagram earlier this week.

Speaking about the moment she signed up, Penny said Rod quizzed her on who she’d be dancing with.


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