Author: Editorial Desk

New Study Uncovers Brain Behind Political Polarization

Editorial Desk- February 2, 2023

People who share political leanings show similar neurobiological responses in the way they process and represent concepts in the brain, suggesting that political polarization arises ... Read More

CBP-One App Deficiencies Criticized

Editorial Desk- February 1, 2023

Migrants seeking an asylum appointment in the United States through the CBP-ONE Application (APP) demonstrated in front of the Consulate of that country in the ... Read More

Mercedes Leads With Real-Time Deployment

Editorial Desk- January 31, 2023

Mercedes-Benz will take a step closer to offering a self-driving car in the United States, or at least some states, when it begins selling cars ... Read More

Steal, Marry, Compliment – The Most Valuable Tips For The Weekend

Editorial Desk- January 28, 2023

This week has not been kind to us. The crimes in Wunstorf and Brokstedt stunned us. It is also extremely difficult for supporters of Ukraine ... Read More

Uncertainty For Beneficiaries Of Humanitarian Parole After Lawsuit In The US

Editorial Desk- January 26, 2023

Liety Morales arrived today from Cuba with humanitarian parole, she says that "everyone who came with me today on the plane had a ticket for ... Read More

Streaming Series On Paramount+ USA

Editorial Desk- January 25, 2023

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Squid Game and Euphoria are some of the titles that are part of the golden age of television series of ... Read More

NY Regulator Implements Crypto-Asset Separation For Companies

Editorial Desk- January 24, 2023

New York's top financial regulator plans to issue new guidelines that will require companies to segregate their own crypto assets from those of their customers. ... Read More

Apple Maps Outperforms Google Maps In US

Editorial Desk- January 22, 2023

Visiting Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Numerama had the opportunity to compare different mapping applications. Apple's efforts paid off. In cities where Apple Maps is ... Read More

CAC40: Green Day, Red Week, Near 7000 Points

Editorial Desk- January 21, 2023

This session of the '3 witches' ends with a rise of 0.63% on the Paris stock exchange, to 6995 points, thus signaling a gain of ... Read More

USA Supplies Infantry Fighting Vehicles To Two Brigades

Editorial Desk- January 20, 2023

Shortly before the meeting in Ramstein, the US is releasing a new aid package for Ukraine. Bradley and Stryker armored personnel carriers are included. However, ... Read More