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Explosions shake Kyiv after weeks of relative calm

admin- June 5, 2022 0

Several explosions rocked Kyiv early on Sunday, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said, the first assault on the Ukrainian capital in weeks as life had slowly begun ... Read More

At least 60 people killed in militia attack in eastern Congo

admin- February 2, 2022 0

At least 60 people were killed in a militia attack on Wednesday morning at a displaced persons’ camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the ... Read More

Israeli police, Palestinians in standoff over east Jerusalem home eviction

admin- January 19, 2022 0

Palestinian residents of a flashpoint east Jerusalem neighborhood had a tense standoff with Israeli authorities Monday as police came to evict them from a disputed property. Several ... Read More

Israel’s national library sees Arabic site traffic boom

admin- January 9, 2022 0

Israel's national library says the number of visitors to its Arabic website more than doubled last year, driven by a growing collection of digitized materials ... Read More

Why Cuba Is Preventing Opponents from Protesting

admin- November 16, 2021 0

Cuban police deployed in large numbers across the city of Havana on Monday to prevent a banned demonstration from taking place on Monday afternoon. Police ... Read More

Yongbyon: UN says North Korea appears to restart nuclear reactor

admin- September 29, 2021 0

North Korea appears to have restarted its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, the UN atomic agency has said in a report. Plutonium, which is used for nuclear ... Read More

Mixing Covid jabs has good immune response, study finds

admin- July 1, 2021 0

A mix-and-match approach to Covid vaccines - using different brands for first and second doses - appears to give good protection against the pandemic virus, ... Read More

Russia, China declare friendship treaty extension, hail ties

admin- June 28, 2021 0

The leaders of Russia and China have hailed increasingly close ties between their countries and announced the extension of a 20-year-old friendship treaty, a show ... Read More

Federation of African Journalists: UAE is trying to manipulate African Journalists to attack Qatar

admin- June 3, 2021 0

Agencies - Federation of African Journalists accused UAE of “attempts” to manipulate the work of African Journalists. During a conference held this week, the federation ... Read More

NASA Mars Helicopter Fails to Respond for 4th Flight

admin- April 30, 2021 0

The U.S. space agency NASA said the experimental Mars helicopter Ingenuity, after three successful flights, failed to respond to commands to lift off for a ... Read More